Denice Sherwin – “Total Health Recovery” Radio – Wed, 4/18/18 @ 1pm pst

Denice Sherwin – “Total Health Recovery” Radio – Wed, 4/18/18 @ 1pm pst

Guest:  Denice Sherwin

Denice Sherwin is the owner of the Light Vessel Santa Fe Wellness Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She will describe her program and why it works so well and why other interventions based solely on an allopathic model do not. This Wellness Facility is dedicated to a full spectrum wellness experience, merging the science of spirituality, the power of frequency medicine, total body cleansing and emotional clearing and re-patterning. Treatments include traditional healing modalities such as massage and yoga, however the focus of the center is based on ancient knowledge, quantum healing and common sense. The center also offers the nutritional component to wellness with the Love Yourself Café, which offers only gluten free food, organic and herbal elixirs custom designed for the next level of wellness. There is also a bio-dynamic and organic farm that is part of the “off property” Retreat Center which offers private and comprehensive wellness programs.

Ms. Sherwin will share with the listeners how she started on this path towards the wellness world. It started when her first child was born. She began to question how things were done and why, largely because of her. She plunged into the world of healing when her heath was compromised from heavy metal poisoning.

In her despair and discomfort, she began to search for solutions while housing feelings of desperation. To her great surprise, she discovered something that she was not consciously expecting to find. It was the world of energy. The power of light, sound, and vibration and the reality that this is who and what we are. She was first introduced to this world of energy in 2005 in Cottonwood Arizona, where she went to seek relief from the metal contamination in her body by getting into a box called a Life Vessel. The results of this technology were the birth of the Life Vessel Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2006.

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Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2018   Time:  1pm  PST



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