Divine Touch

Sadhu Khalsa

Sadhu Singh Khalsa, MSW is a healer and holistic Spiritual psychotherapist that has been gifted with “Divine Touch”. By the Grace of God, Mr. Khalsa is able to create a Sacred Space during the session. Sacred Space is specific state of the awareness which produces a transcendent consciousness which can support profound healing. In this shared transcendent conscious, Mr. Khalsa is often guided to share valuable insights with each client. Clients have reported the “Divine Touch” sessions as very inspirational, transformative and healing. Mr. Khalsa is offering this service of “Dive Touch”.

Individual Private Healing Sessions with “Divine Touch”

Subtle energy healing in combination with yoga and meditation. This healing work helps to remove long standing energetic blocks in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms and dimensions. This service is provided at my office or your facility ( home or office). Music/Sound therapy is provided as part of the session. Each session is on a per hour basis.

Divine Touch Services

Sessions normally run $100 per hour.
You can pay online for “Divine Touch” services.

Payment is made through Paypal as is all our products and services. Paypal is free, secure and easy to use. You do NOT need an account to make a payment but only to sign up with an email.

On Paypal you will be able to enter the amount for service as instructed from Mr. Khalsa. Please remember that once you enter the amount you must then click on UPDATE for it to work.

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