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Universal Heart of Oneness – Our Intention and desire is to assist people in opening their hearts, to acquaint people with the gifts of healing offered to us by the angels and the dolphins and to increase understanding of our interconnectedness and oneness with all that is. Sessions and products available. website

Center for Awakened Health – We are a residential healing/teaching facility, designed to treat you with today’s most advanced methods of detoxifying and revitalizing the body, using ancient and modern techniques including organic live-food nutrition, enzyme therapy, specially designed organic herbs and flushes, colon hydrotherapy, infra-red sauna, therapeutic baths, bodywork, body-mind-spirit integration,
and so much more. website

Natural Solutions Radio  website

The Cleanse is a comprehensive cleanse experience based on yogic technology that weaves the highest quality homeopathics, supplements and Chinese medicinals with a vegan alkaline detoxification diet and the technology of Kundalini Yoga to purify body, mind and spirit. The Cleanse uses detoxifying and strengthening methods to re-establish your body’s integrity at a cellular level. website

Drug Rehabs in Santa Fe and New Mexico


SageSpider – Web design, graphics and images for creative endeavors.


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Total Health Recovery Program (THRP) – An Alternative Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program & Center; A world class international holistic drug and alcohol residential-like treatment center and program using master healers and innovative diagnostic and treatment technology to treat drug and alcohol clients. Santa Fe, NM website