Total Health Recovery: From Addiction to Super Health

Wednesday at 1 PM Pacific Time
on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

On the program, Sadhu Khalsa will interview experts in a variety of fields that have a different understanding of what it is to be human and how to heal and transform oneself. They will share with you recent discoveries in quantum physics and the new field of epigenetics that relate to obtaining optimum health. It will be like going from a view that the world is flat to seeing the world as round. A revolutionary change in perception, which leads to embracing a new paradigm, to new treatment options that actually work because they deal with the actual causes and effects of addiction.

The physical, mental and emotional effects in not knowing where we come from, who we are, why we are here and where we are going are among what we will be discussing. How we identity ourselves is critical to how healthy we can be. Total Health Recovery is broadcast live every Wednesday at 1 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel.



Archived shows on “Total Health Recovery” Radio

DATE  GUEST Topic – Click to listen
Jan 24, 2018 Sadhu Khalsa The Evolution of a New Treatment
Jan 31, 2018 Gurucharan Yoga and Meditation as Transformational Processes
Feb 7, 2018 Hella Neumann Strategic Family Constellation Work
Feb 14, 2018 Dr. Judy Scher From Raw to Polished-Keys to sustainable Awakening
Feb 21, 2018 Gregg Braden Human by Design
Feb 28, 2018 Mercedes Kirkel Healing the Heart: The root of True Wellness
Mar 7, 2018 Dr. Steven Swidler The Relationship Between Jaw and Bite and High Level Wellness
Mar 14, 2018 Dr. Vladimir Turek True Nature of Addiction and its Removal
Mar 21, 2018 Joan Sotkin Why is there so much resistance to becoming prosperous?
Mar 28, 2018 Jim Strohecker The Wellnes Inventory:Whole Person Model for Optimal Well Being
Apr 4, 2018 Alexia Monroe Bowen Work: Body Work to Blow Your Mind
Apr 11, 2018 Jane Davis Equine Assisted Healing
Apr 18, 2018 Denice Sherwin The Integration of Ancient Wisdom and Quantum Physics to Heal