Services & Treatments

Total Health Recovery Program and it’s team provides the following services and treatments. For each client, one of more of these will be included in their individualized program based on their initial diagnostic assessment.


A sacred space in a residential treatment setting where the environment and staff support you in your healing and recovery; a tailor-made program

Holistic M.D.

Emotional clearing tools

Access to Master healers that provide the best diagnostic, assessment and treatment services available today

Family counseling

2-1/2  hour individual sessions three to four times a week; Reassessment each day

Counseling on integrating of sessions

Rest to process and integrate these transformational services

Reintegration with family/community


Chiropractic adjustments both traditional and network chiropractic

Spiritual acupuncture treatments  


Internal organ clearing

Detoxification diets

Trips to mineral hot springs

Art therapy / Walks / NIA / Exercise Classes

Yoga and meditation classes


Nutritional assessment and correction

Wellness inventory

Far infrared


Life Vessel™

Native American Sweat Lodges (if possible)

Definition of Services:

Therapy:  The treatment of disease.  THRP program uses many different types of therapy, counseling and Life design skills and interventions.  One can only use the word counseling and therapy if one holds a masters in social work, counseling or psychology. Just like one cannot prescribe medicines unless one is a MD Doctor.

The therapy is derived from the Greeks.  In allopathic forms of medicine, therapy means the treatment of disease.  In a holistic model or quantum physics model, therapy may mean the use of treatment based upon a wellness or holistic model which is based much more upon energy balance and healing than on the treatment of disease.  It more focuses on the treatment of dis-ease. Please refer to my paper, Treating the chemically dependent on my website:

Spiritual Acupuncture:  Spiritual acupuncture does not exist in allopathic medicine but does in a holistic model.  Acupuncture uses needles to activate certain meridian points in the body that increases the energy flow to organs and systems in the body.  Please Google Acupuncture for a much fuller description of this field of practice.

Yoga and Meditations:  Yoga means to yoke.  There are at least 27 varieties of yoga.  It is an ancient science of healing oneself and can provide a more powerful connection to source.  Total Health Recovery Program uses Kundalini Yoga and meditations because it has thousands of exercises available to the practitioner.  It is one of the most powerful of all yogas. It is great for releasing stress.  Please Google yoga and meditation for a much fuller description of its history and benefits.  Today there are over 20 million people practicing yoga.

Cellular Reconstruction:  We live in a sea of toxicity.  There are more pollutants and manufactured contaminants than ever before.  Add to this the use of drugs, alcohol, depleted uranium for the vets, and trauma and you have a great need for cleansing the human systems.  There are many ways to do this.  The program uses what the client can tolerate to accomplish the greatest detoxification in the shortest period of time without overwhelming the individual’s capacity to handle the toxins being released into their system.

Massage:  Once again there are many types of massages.  Please Google the word Massage.  Total Health Recovery Program and Healing the Warrior Program use massage therapists that have the gift of intuition as well as the technical skills to relax and heal the client.  The consciousness and awareness of the massage therapist is more important than which form of massage they are offering.

Detoxification: To rid the body of environmental toxins.  This can be accomplished in many ways.  The right process for each client will be identified.

Watsu:  Origins of Watsu – Watsu® (Water Shiatsu) began in 1980 in the warm pool at Harbin Hot Springs when Harold Dull started floating people while applying the stretches and principles of the Zen Shiatsu he had studied in Japan. In the Orient, stretching as a way to open channels through which our Chi energy flows is even older than acupuncture. Stretching strengthens muscle and increases flexibility. Warm water, which many associate with the body’s deepest states of waking relaxation, is the ideal medium. The support of water takes weight off the vertebrae and allows the spine to be moved in ways impossible on land. Gentle, gradual twists and pulls relieve the pressure a rigid spine places on nerves and helps undo any dysfunctioning this pressure can cause to the organs serviced by those nerves. The Watsu receiver experiences greater flexibility and freedom. During Watsu a range of emotions can come up and be released into the process of continuous flow. This reprograms receivers to face life out of the water with greater equanimity and flexibility.

Another principle of Zen Shiatsu, that of connecting with the breath, takes on a new dimension in Watsu. On land, the breathing is coordinated with leaning into points. In water, our most basic move is the Water Breath Dance, in which we float someone in our arms and let them sink a little as they breathe out and let the water lift us as we both breathe in. Repeated over and over at the beginning of a Watsu, this creates a connection that can be carried into all the stretches and moves. This Water Breath Dance, and its stillness, is returned to throughout the session.

Experiencing both giving and receiving this most nurturing form of bodywork can help heal whatever wounds of separation we carry and renew in us our sense of connection and oneness with others. For this reason Watsu is Rebonding Therapy. Watsu is used around the world by professional bodyworkers, physical therapists, psychologists, as well as the general public.

Watsu, and the way it is taught, has evolved over the years. In the beginning the focus was primarily on stretching. With the Waterbreath Dance and the greater connection of moves to the breath, a more meditative stillness entered in. The use of flotation devices on legs that would otherwise sink has widened the possibilities and the ease of a Watsu.

Once a practitioner has reached the level of presence and connection that the carefully evolved Watsu Forms instill, they are taught and encouraged to explore the creative potential in Watsu Free Flow.

In order to make Watsu more accessible a variant has been developed that can be done in a home spa or hot tub.

EVOX Machine:  The EVOX can help you to shift, or reframe perception at a conscious and subconscious level.  The ‘EVOX’ device uses the subtle vibrations in your voice to create visual maps revealing your perceptions about topics like health, relationships, work, stress, happiness and more. It is a sophisticated voice mapping technology. After it analyzes your voice, the program delivers frequencies back to the body to reduce stress and re-balance your system. The ‘EVOX’ is an effective treatment for releasing emotional subconscious stress patterns. The completion of the treatment includes 20 minutes in the Light Vessel for calming, re-balancing, clearing and integration. During the balancing, you may experience a powerful emotional release or realize significant insights into stress you’ve experienced. In the biofeedback process, you may recall forgotten memories, strong emotional feelings, and/or critical insights that can help you break free of rigid thinking, unresolved grief and anger and other buried emotions that keep you stuck in repetitive behavior patterns.

Life Vessel used by THRP program

Life Vessel™:  The Life Vessel™ is a chamber that utilizes frequencies of light, sound, and vibration to balance and help detoxify the body, allowing it to perform its innate, natural ability to heal itself. Research shows that time spent in the Life Vessel balances the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and helps with stress reduction, detoxification, and pain management. The ANS regulates every conscious and unconscious function and organ within the body. A balanced ANS is critical to a balanced and effective immune system. If the ANS is out of balance, health will deteriorate and may not improve no matter what else is done. When the ANS is in balance, our body will access its innate ability to heal itself. The Life Vessel does not know dis-ease by name. It balances physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Sweat Lodge:  Common to many styles of sweating is the idea of spiritual cleanliness. Many sweats start with all the participants fasting for an entire day, and during that entire day avoiding caffeine, alcohol, or other potentially altering substances. This should be a day of contemplation, in preparation for the sweat.

Both sweats usually start with everyone that is entering the sweat getting purified with sage and/or cedar. We find the easy way is to just get some hot coals in a shovel, and sprinkle the sage on top. This makes a nice smoke. We then pass the burning sage smoke up and down and left to right by the person that is about to enter. This is done for all the folks sweating.

At this point the styles diverge somewhat. Traditional sweats aren’t usually done “sky-clad”, and most new age sweats (at least in the Rainbow Family tradition) are done naked. A towel or a pair of shorts is more appropriate for a traditional sweat. Once everyone enters the sweat lodge, the fire tender puts 7 rocks in the small hole in the center of the lodge. As each rock is put inside, people sprinkle cedar on the rocks. The buckets are put inside, and the door
is closed.

In a traditional sweat, there is more guided prayer, chanting, and drumming. Some sweats are 100% silent. Each has their differences. There are “rounds” which last around 45 minutes or so, and afterward the door is opened, and the fire tender puts 5 more rocks in. The idea is to not get out between rounds. Many folks that are new to sweating may need a short breath of fresh air, and get out for a few minutes between rounds. Between rounds, the rocks are raked out of the fire. The coals are left behind. Coals make the sweat smokey, and hard to breath. Ashes are brushed off of the rocks with a pine branch and put back into the center. Once again all the rocks are sprinkled with cedar as they’re put in the sweat.

During each round the temperature is regulated by how much water is put on the rocks. It goes both ways though, cause the water also causes the rocks to loose their heat faster. So hot short rounds, or long cooler ones are the choice.