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Plato on THRP
PLATO – “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

About Our Program

THRP can now provide a holistic medical supervised detox program as well as holistic rehabilitation services – NO ONE does that! Our program is for those who know they have a major problem with Alcohol and/or Drugs. They have tried stopping before and cannot. They are out of control. They may have lost their family and jobs and are beginning to have some serious legal problems. THRP is especially for those who want a holistic program where the focus is on getting well physically, emotionally and spiritually. They don’t want to just watch movies and do workbooks that tell them how bad drugs and alcohol are. They are seeking a transformation. A potential client must make a two week commitment. Their stay may be extended depending upon how well they do. Mr. Khalsa will develop the treatment plan after receiving inputs from each healer. This treatment plan will continuously be updated as the client moves through his or her healing process. No other program has a process like this where the majority of the treatment team have the ability to read energy patterns and can assess how each treatment effects the client at all of the major levels of their being. This is not an assembly line treatment—not at all. The point person will decide hour by hour and day by day the selection and sequence of future treatments. This is a first in the field. If the client is addicted to certain substances such as alcohol, speed, Zanex etc., they may need to go to a hospital for drug detox first before they would be considered for THRP.

What are The Program Costs?

The 21 day program:  The cost of the program is determined by the number and type of services required and whether medical detox with lodging and transportation is needed. We also require a non-refundable deposit at the time of registration. This allows us to set-up your specific program and reserves your place in our program schedule. The remainder of the cost is required on the 1st day you begin your program. All payments are to be made in USD. Financing is available with no interest for the first year in most cases.

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Program Location: Mr. Khalsa treats clients by providing a sacred space in the Santa Fe area for their healing work. View The Heart Path Retreat Center.

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Why Our Program?

Until now, no one has put together a comprehensive, all inclusive spiritual holistic residential treatment center in North America with master healers as practitioners. No one. Some centers have used acupuncture or herbs or other singular modalities. But no one has put it all together. The Total Health Recovery Program has created what it considers to be the most effective treatment services in the world.

The Total Health Recovery Program is making a radical departure from tradition. The Total Health Recovery Program has the capacity to create an integrated chemical dependency service delivery model that incorporates the cutting edge technologies in all relevant fields that pertain to its business – healing, food production, energy, staff development and marketing. This program is setting the standards for serving the chemically dependent for many generations to come.

It will do this by developing a prototype model that brings together the best from the healing arts and aligns itself with the highest spiritual universal laws and principles. It is the intent and purpose of The Total Health Recovery Program to offer these services to the rest of the world. These diagnostic, assessment and treatment protocols already exist and are being used in other health centers.

The Total Health Recovery Program creates a sacred space for the chemically dependent. Our program and its environment will support profound self-healing. The program brings together masters who facilitate a transformational process within each client. Recovery from addiction is our mission, and the end of cyclical relapse to drug addiction is our daily goal.

The Total Health Recovery Program possesses the most definitive diagnostic, assessment and treatment techniques available to date. With this in hand, it can deliver the treatment and provide experiences that free a person from dis-ease and self-destructive tendencies that keep them from achieving their full potential.

The Total Health Recovery Program is responding to the marketplace by developing a center that brings together, under one roof, the best of what is available in traditional healthcare, the chemical dependency industry, the healing institutes and spiritual centers.

Our program is the first of it’s kind to blend the timeless wisdom of the ancients with modern advances in holistic and traditional health care, addiction treatment and education. There is a tremendous dissatisfaction with medical services in America–costs are escalating, quality is down and access is more difficult. The medical model is in crisis and even when it works, it works for a few who can afford it. The vast majority of Americans are denied effective, affordable treatment. Less costly, more effective “alternative” treatments with fewer side effects are often denied a legitimate position in the marketplace even though more Americans went to see an alternative therapist and were willing to pay for it out of pocket.

Our Program Model

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