Total Health Recovery Program (THRP)

“A world class holistic treatment program that re-weaves the fabric of a person’s being.
Our program uses master healers and innovative diagnostic &
treatment technologies to treat mental disorders and all forms of addictions”

This is why we believe a person can go from being IN recovery to being RECOVERED.
THRP knows how to get at the core issues at every level.

Optimum Holistic & Spiritual Health Care

Beyond the “Traditional” Rehab Programs

Individualized Loving Care & Treatment

Profound Self-Healing

Sacred Space for your Total Health Recovery

Highly Trained Licensed Practitioners

“Our Goal is to return your life to you.”

Can you imagine that you can be totally healed not just from your addiction
but from major psychological, emotional and physical health problems?

Why Our Total Health Recovery Program?

We help you to END the relapse cycle.

Our efficient and effective program allows you to be RECOVERED.

Recovery is TOTAL and COMPLETE.

Drug or Alcohol rehab does not need to be a revolving door!


Call for more information: 1-505-310-1340 (MST)
Skype:  wiseone18


Total Health Recovery Program

“The LAST Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program you will ever need.”

We invite you to participate in what may be the most profound and exciting experiences of your life!  

Give yourself a chance of a lifetime!

Wellness Inventory &
Wellness Coaching

“Divine Touch”
Healing Sessions

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